Dear readers,

Thank you much for your continued support and I’m sorry that this took so long to post – I’ve been very busy lately with school and drama things!

A few people wanted WB Pt 2 so here it is – there is a short part 3 which I wanted to combine with a Q+A about teenage relationships and my thoughts – if that would interest you please let me know in the comments below. Make sure you read Pt 1 to this before Pt 2 or you might be very confused 😂

Here we go…

The day after Conversation finished, I got his phone number from a friend and the texting began.

Every day for 3 weeks, even though he was on holiday for a lot of it, we messaged about anything and everything. GCSEs, A Levels, frogs, storms, fireworks… it felt like we could discuss anything. He started most of the conversations and I started truly believing that he liked me as much as I liked him.

Then came the Conversation Meet-up. Our closest friends from camp, staying in my town. Everyone knew about me and WB and they all wanted something to happen. They got my hopes up and I got my hopes up and I was so sure something incredible was going to happen.

I was wrong.

Although the weekend was lovely and I wouldn’t trade it for anything – nothing happened. We were good friends, had a couple of good chats but I was still clinging onto the hope that it was going to be fine… that I hadn’t been mistaken the entire time.

On the final day of the meet up, I was sick of everyone knowing except him. I wanted to be honest, talk to him face-to-face, admit my feelings. Our friends had set it up perfectly. I was going to walk him to the station before his journey home. Unfortunately, a very well-meaning mother of one of my other friends suggested a lift and WB jumped at the chance. I still don’t know whether that was because he didn’t want to spend time with me or not.

I got home and cried. It seems a bit pathetic I’m sure, but I’d been cut open by hurt and pain and heartache and I wanted to just lie down and forget everything. But I didn’t – instead, like the foolish 15 year old I was then, I decided to text him. I told him, in a long-winded, not very well worded text, that I liked him.

His answer was confusing. He never said that he didn’t like me, he never said that he did. He said that “of course it didn’t make things awkward” and he thought “we got on really well”. And that was seemingly that.

Thank you for reading, have an amazing day and let me know your thoughts!

d-emilia x

2 thoughts on “WONDER BOY PT 2.

  1. I feel you’re pain about the not knowing, it’s so hard because you want to tell someone so bad about how you feel but then can’t because of the fear of rejection or of ‘ruining your friendship’! Don’t feel pathetic about being upset about the whole situation – I think when you have your hopes up & there’s a chance that someone may like you, you really cling onto that which makes it even harder to take when what you’ve wished for happening doesn’t! Can’t wait to read the next part 🙂 xx

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